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Do I requirement S-Video if I use HDMI?
Do I need to use the S-video cord if I’m running an HDMI cable from my DVD to my plasma? If you run HDMI cable, component cable, and S-Video will that cause a problem? Thanks, Theater Rookie!

Do i stipulation surround nouns speakers for surround nouns or can i use regular speakers?
I have a surround nouns reciever already. I just requirement to know i i need surround nouns speakers?

Do I want to buy a addressee for Klipsch Cinema 6?
I’m hooking this up to a Sony 32″ Wega and want to know if I’m going to need to buy a heir to use these speakers or if they’ll just hook up straight to the T.V.

Do notes cd’s/dvd’s play surrounded by dvd players?
i’m trying to burn a video to a dvd and i was going to burn it as a information cd. if i do, will it play in my dvd player? save, how should i save it contained by order to play it contained by my dvd player? any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do region 4 DVDs also work surrounded by region 2 DVD players?
What about surrounded by PCs? Theres someone on eBay who makes this claim – thats why I’m asking.

Do surge protectors work when plugged within but not turned on?
i have a monster power home theater center specifically plugged in and not turned on when i resign from my house. does it protect still or do i need to hold the power on for the protection? Thanks!

Do the composite AV cable work near any tv?
I have an 80gb ipod classic and i want to connect it to my tv.i jus want to know if the apple Composite AV cable will do the trick?If it does, will it work on any tv set even though its not HD.

Do they engender an analog to hdmi adapter for hdmi cable?
I have analog cable w/o cable box coming from wall into dvd/vcr. Is at hand a way to hook the cable cord beside an adapter into an hdmi cable ?

Do they trademark a wall plate that contains 5 speakers, phone, and a cable outlet?
I’ve seen one beside 5 speaker, and cable, but not one with phone also.

Do you hold to….?
Do you have to buy a special dvd /blu-ray dvd player to play blu-ray disks, and if so how much are they.

Do you know give or take a few speakers?
How to set up a PC subwoofer on TV PC sub= http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v377/m… the 3.5mm lines went within my PC sound card to manufacture sound** TV=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v… I know the connections are different, can it be done? 10 points to best anwes what do i need?

Do you know nearly speakers?
Is it possible to connect my PC subwoofer(logitech) to JVC stereo player amp? I know the connections are different, can it be done? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v377/m… http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v377/m…

Do you know roughly speakers?
How to connect my PC speaker/woofer to my TV? pc= http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v377/m… the 3.5mm lines went within my PC sound card to engender sound** tv= http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v377/m… I know the connections are different, can it be done? 10 points to best anwes

Do you own problems next to downloaded 8 bit games on the wii using a projector?
I have downloaded “old” nintendo games from the wii wireless nouns. The games for the n64 work fine on the projector screen, but the games that I own downloaded for the older systems will not work on the projector. The blind just go blank and acts as if here is no signal going to the projector. Any ideas of what the problem could be?

Do you use home arena systems for as a rule listen to CDs?
I am thinking of buying a home theatre surround nouns system, but mainly want it for playing compact discs (mainly classical), beside occassional DVD use. Can anyone recommend anything suitable?

Does “Y” cable variety the subwoofer nouns better?
Currently Im just using a simple crappy white RCA cable. The subwoofer sounds ok, but I be wondering if i connect to both line in’s using a “Y” cable, would it nouns better?

Does a blue-ray player DVD will run any nouns code ancient DVD formart?
I just coudn’t find any information on that.

Does any body know where on earth I can buy grindhouse?
I know you can buy Planet Terror and Death Droof but can you buy Grindhouse? I might be confusing you, but Grindhouse has the falsified previews between them and all that I’ll pass you guys a link to THE movie Grindhouse. http://www.megavideo.com/ep_gr.swf?v=7E6…

Does any one know where on earth i can buy a “Yamaha RX-V2090” within Australia?
I’m looking for a yamaha rx-v2090 to use it as a amp for in my study but i cant find any where on earth that sells one.

Does anybody know if the Sony DAV-HDX500 home drama system supports dts-hd audio?
Playstation 3 has a bright update, which will be released later this month. The update is going to tender the bluray player the ablity to provide: DTS-HD Master Audio output support.

Does anybody know the code to unlock the region setting on a Sony DAV-SB300 DVD player or where on earth I can find it?
This is really frustrating. DVD’s collected from my travels and cannot play most of them. I’d like to put together the change unbreakable and not have to break open the unit. A hack that I can use beside the remote would be best. Help is much appreciated.

Does anybody know the meathod to work out the porting for my bass cabenet?
The cabanet is 29″ x 31″ x 14″ And the speaker is has an 18″ circumfrance and is 8″ weighty Aslo should i place insulasion in the posterior to cut down vibrating or is that for hi fi speakers and some loud speaekrs singular? Help from anyone 😀

Does ANYONE enjoy solid info on adjectives blu-ray pricing?
I just bought a 42″ 1080P LCD TV for my bedroom and want a 1080P source to take help of the TV’s capabilities. Now near HD-DVD officially comatose this means my source will be of the blu-ray sort. My problem is that Sony’s entry stratum player (BDP S-300) is now hindmost at the retarded retail price of $399.99. A 40G PS3 retails for $399.99. So why pay like peas in a pod price for a standalone player? It doesn’t make sense to the consumer. Plus if you check the reviews on the BDP S-300 they are far from great. Apparently this player requires CONSTANT firmware updates which resources it must be connected to the internet or updated via DVD burn from a PC. This leads me to believe that the drive contained by this player is very similar but for the same as the PS3’s. Has ANYONE see or heard of a futre price drop on the subject of blu-ray players? I don’t care if it’s 3 months away I simply want to know!

Does anyone hold any DIY option for a home medium server to rival the like of kaleidascape etc?
Looking for a solution to allow me to stream DVD movies, in adjectives their surround sound glory, around the home. Does anyone enjoy any tried and tested solutions? Since storage space is cheap I’m looking to archive the originals uncompressed and navigate via remote control (artwork preferable) on adjectives of the televisions. Thoughts so far: Windows Vista Home Premium PC (with Media Center) surrounded by living room. MyMovies 2 addon loaded (to deal next to artwork, dvd ripping etc). XBOX 360 in bedroom 1 Linksys DMA2100/2200 within bedrooms PS3 on future box Kaleidascape have an straightforward to use system, but at $16,000 for a base system… agency too expensive considering it’s all PC base hardware anyway. Happy to share potential HTPC spec if anyone is interested.

Does anyone know anything something like Saxx & Vadar? They are apparently a Danish HI FI speaker entrepreneur.?
I can not find any trace of them on the web, execpt for a few 4sale listings on Ebay and TradingPost. Thanks.

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