Loud Music Hits the Wrong Note in Teens

Listening to music on full blast appears to be one of the prerequisites of being a teenager. Whether the blaring beats pump up their raging hormones or drown out the (seemingly) nagging parents I cannot say (memory just doesn’t serve me right in explaining the odd, exaggerated ways of my teen years). But I can definitively say that the lure of music is especially strong through adolescent years –when the world just doesn’t seem to get you, but in music, you find solace.

But alas, the nagging parents were right after all –you need to turn down the music! Why? Ent Specialists in Bangalore say that the constantly plugged-in are at high risks of developing major hearing conditions. A recent report by the World Health Organisation shows that a whopping 1.1 billion teens are at the brink of developing hearing problems –and listening to loud music tops the charts of reasons why.

The routine use of iPods, music players and smartphones, entertainment zones like nightclubs, bars, etc., and the growing noise pollution in today’s world are the culprits of this shocking statistic. Factors such as the loudness of music, proximity to the source of music and the period of exposure contribute to developing a risk for hearing loss. If you or anyone you know are experiencing these symptoms, or has a family history of hearing problems or loss, a consultation with expert Ent Specialists in Bangalore is a must.

Teenagers from all segments of society are at increasing risk, albeit a difference in their environment –the middle class and more affluent are known to frequent parties with booming music, concerts etc., and on the other hand, those from the weaker sections of society might be at risk due to the nature of their forced occupational situations. Constant ringing in the ears, pain or a muffled sense of sound are the symptoms of developing hearing problems.

The side effects of the modern way of life are pervasive to other spectrums of health and wellbeing as well, and routine examinations with a general physician, ENT specialist or Gynecologist in Hyderabad are a must for the teens of today.

While frequenting gigs or putting on your headphones and rocking out to full-volume music might seem like the coolest thing to do, it’s the bane of the modern lifestyle that’s likely to make the young adults of today face the music, sooner or later. Here’s how you can prevent hearing problem from developing: maintain lower volumes of your personal music systems, avoid frequenting loud areas, stay clear of speakers/sources of loud music, choose higher-quality noise-cancelling earphones or headphones

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