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It is very rare to find free online music streaming websites that you can download filesfrom. Sure we have SoundCloud and Spotify but those sources are not reliable. In some countries Spotify is entirely unavailable and you can’t access it. SoundCloud on the other hand does provide you with free streaming but when it comes to downloading your favorite tracks you hit a snag! Only a fraction of the tracks that you find on SoundCloud are available for free downloading. Most of the times you have to use third party services in order to download the tracks of your choice and likes.

Now what does one do when they are faced with such a situation? Sometimes you need offline access to music when you are on a bus ride or for simple melancholic reasons. Either way a person always needs there to be a good collection of songs on their phone no matter what. In this critical situation you need a music website that will provide you with a huge variety of songs as well as the option to download the songs you like.

This is when electronic music websites steps in. TechDeepHouse is an exceptionally awesome website that brings you a huge selection of songs. It brings to you the best songs which have soft beats and upbeat ones. A plethora of electronic is available at your service for free streaming and free downloading as well. Those individuals who are searching for new music tracks to listen to or a party mix to put together head over to this website and it will give you all the material you need.

One the homepage you can see a Navigation tab that can give you a crash course of all the tracks there are on the website. A bigger and more comprehensive list can be seen on the very bottom of the page. For those with an older and vintage sense of music you have an entire category to yourselves under the name of Vinyl. There are videos of the designated tracks if you need to watch something and give your eyes a treat.

Talking about party music, you fortunately have DJ Charts as well on the website. Big playlists that are packed with party tunes are up for free downloading on the portal. The playlists are not spin offs but professional ones brought from the Billboard charts and reputable artists. Another great plus point of this website is that it lists all the possible information one should know about a musictrack. From the quality to the artist and the genre! Along side that there are about 4 download links for every track, album and playlist you wish to save to your device.

You can comfortably and easily chose TechDeepHouse as your first option when you want to stream music, watch videos or download some tracks and refresh your old playlist. The layout is perfect and user friendly allowing you to navigate between the tabs and categories of the portal. You also get to see the ratings of previous users and their satisfaction will answer all your doubts and questions

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