Six Useful Websites For Music Lovers

The latest news about Music

1.      AllMusic is the most comprehensive music database on the Internet for two decades of development. This site supports Music lovers all things about Music such as biographies, discographies, reviews, catalog information, recommendations about music trend and well-known singers. This site intends to be one stop shop for all things entertainment and offer digital music including iTunes and Pandora.

2.      NPR Music

Music lovers can find all things you need here with full of the latest news about Music including interviews, sessions, lists, reviews, and certainly the latest Songs. This website supports music lovers millions of songs which are the latest and the most favorable.

The best apps to enjoy Music

3.      Pandora

When we mention to digital music service, Pandora is must be talked-about name. Pandora is one of the largest Internet Radio, which is powered by the Music Genome Project. This site allows music fans listen to music following the genre or artist which listener input in the box search. Furthermore, listeners can give feedbacks for each song they are listening to.

4.      SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the name that any music lovers love to talk about, which the most popular music is streaming site for various users it dedicated. When artists cannot back their publicist, they completely can set up an online profile with their original tracks for Free in an easy way. Music lovers can regard this site as a blog and users absolutely can be a good blogger. After signing up and set up basically for your account, how great you can gain experience on this site. It’s so easy to share music in nay article you want. Moreover, this site supports users to upload the songs they love on their SoundCloud page.

5.      Spotify

Spotify went first and gained lots of success in the digital music services which allows music lovers mostly in the United States to enjoy music directly from the cloud. Since this digital music service began, it rapidly becomes an incredibly popular in Music lovers. Currently, users can diversify their selection with two options: Free and Premium. Especially, this site is regarded as a startup gave entrenched music industry players like Apple’s iTunes a run for its money. Basing on Sweden, this streaming music service quickly expands to other nations in Europe including United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

A useful web tool to convert SoundCloud to MP3 file


When Music lovers enjoy music from these platforms in hot video, audio and more, they wish to listen to them in offline status. Downloading them to their device is coming up and here is the main reason we recently witness some MP3 downloaders and Converter such as,, and In this article, we’d love to mention to, which is a trustworthy SoundCloud and YouTube to MP3 converter. This MP3 conversion tool is new but stunning for using with a wide range of benefits they have just created including requiring no downloading, installing, and payment. Moreover, users can get pleasant with high-quality and good downloading and converting speed.

These six sites meet mostly all requirements of a Music lover including grabbing news, listening to the latest songs, downloading and converting to MP3 files. By this way, readers can deep in the latest songs with the best quality sounds and easily stored in MP3 devices. It’s time to enjoy Music in wherever you go with the best quality.

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